Allergy and Nutrition

Allergies are a number of symptoms caused by hypersensitivity of immune system due to harmless substances from the environment. Basically this depends on the strength of immune system and the type of body. The most common type of allergies is food and dust allergy. The common food types which cause allergy are milk, eggs, nuts, soy and fish. The symptoms are itching, sneezing, nasal discomfort, rashes, reddened skin, running nose, scratchy throat, eye irritation. Allergy is mainly depending on nutrition intake. The more proper diet we take the strong immune system will be and the more we are tolerant to allergies. The lack of functioning of immune system is due to the improper intake of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Some substances which are present in food may cause allergy because the reactions they trigger in the body are not suitable for the immune system so, one should avoid such type of foods.

  • Childhood asthma allergy
  • Food allergy
  • Maintaining Hygienic atmosphere
  • Diagnosis and preventive measures